King Sunny Ade at 70,elated about N500m court award.


…says :”I look forward to having my master tapes and if it comes with the money, it’s okay.”

Sunny Ade ,doing what he knows best to do to entertain guests at the birthday bash.
Sunny Ade ,doing what he knows best to do to entertain guests at the birthday bash.
The King of World Beat, Sunday Adegeye popularly known as King Sunny Ade has for the first time commented on his N500million copyright suit he recently won against African Songs and its subsidiary, Take Your Choice Records (TYC).
The copyright infringement suit was filed by KSA in 1975, and Justice James Tsoho of the Federal High Court in Lagos ordered both companies- African Songs and its subsidiary, Take Your Choice Records, to pay the damages.
According to Sunny Ade, he has just been briefed by his lawyers that the company has appealed the judgement.
Said a highly elated King Sunny Ade during a press interview as part of the prelude activities marking his 70th birthday : “The case was won by me and I was awarded the sum of N500million but the next move from what my lawyer said is a notice of appeal. So we are working on that. I look forward to having my master tapes and if it comes with the money, it’s okay.”
KSA as he is popularly referred to by his colleagues and fans worldwide, attributed his global fame in music to his boss and benefactor, legendary dramatist and filmmaker, Chief Moses Adejumo Olaiya famously known as Baba Sala, who, he said, advised him to leave his travelling theatre group and go solo in music.
Adejumo, KSA recalled told him his future is bright as a music artiste than as a dramatist. In fact, please permit me to declare herein to the whole world that “Baba Sala is my boss and he would continue to be my boss for life because I owe him that gratitude for life.”
He explained further : “I was playing percussion in his band and he was playing guitar and a couple of instruments. I was in charge of the music in the drama section, playing conga. He actually prompted me to go into music with a proviso that I should go and if after nine months, I found it tough, I should come back. He told me, go and try and that if does not work, come back.”
To date, the popularity of KSA with hundreds of albums to his credit and on record as the first Nigerian artiste to be nominated for the prestigious Grammy Awards twice has continued to soar.
Music experts and his fans believe so strongly that Adegeye’s music career laced with hundreds of recorded albums, appearances in concerts local and international are no doubt powerful portraits of his artistry which continue to earn him applause globally anytime he is on stage even as he marks his 70th birthday.
Anywhere, everywhere, he exudes confidence with pride and excitement that he has been listed alongside eminent global artistes like the Beatles ’John Lennon and Taylor Swift in the Music Instrument Museum, Phoenix, Arizona.
“My guitar and costume were donated to the Musical Instruments Museum in Arizona about four years ago. I have never seen a museum as big as that with pictures of myself that I have never seen before. The Nigerian Corner is a beehive of visitors. I had the privilege of playing before a huge audience comprising musicologists and musicians. I had the audience to sing along with me, “he added
Speaking further on his last US tour, he said that he could not go on US tour in the last two years due to some technical problems but was able to pull it through this year.
Joined by friends and nollywood artist,Folayan in Houston Texas.
Joined by friends and nollywood artist,Folayan in Houston Texas.
“On arrival, we had to redeem our image before fans and debunk the claim that KSA is dead. The tour was electrifying and it was widely acclaimed.
The tour to 36 states in America, he said was essentially to redeem his name.
“I won’t like to blow my trumpet but as men of the the media, you can find out. Every show we had was a wow.
On hand to give him support at the press parley was Adawa Music King, Admiral Dele Abiodun who he referred to as his friend of many years. “My relationship with Admiral Dele Abiodun has been that of friendship. Severally, he has stood in for me at events that I could not honour. We have been good friends and colleagues over the years.” he pointed out.
He also acknowledged Kunle Opio, a Juju band leader who accompanied him on his last tour to the US.
Speaking on how he was able to cope at age 70,with the stress throughout the tour of 36 States in America,with members of his band, the African Beats,he simply said: “It has been God. It has also been the music we play and the dances. I pray for more energy from God and I will answer God if calls me to do music again.”

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