I will lift up my eyes to the hills from whence comes my help. The first question there is from whence? Help is on the way, where is this help coming from? Surely not from man! Psalm 60 vs 11 says vain is the help of man, if you are expecting help from man, you are wasting your time. Why? James 4 vs 14 says man is here today and he is gone tomorrow, it says the life of a man is like a vapor. So even if the man wants to help you, what if he dies?

Vain is the help of man. Surely you are not expecting help from money. Proverbs 23 vs 5 tells us that money can develop wings and fly away. From whence is my help coming from? Malachi 3 vs 6 says I am the Lord, I change not ,my help is coming from the Lord who does not change, the One who is the same yesterday, today and forever .

Help is on the way; there is help coming for the sick
Why? Exodus 15 vs 26 says it is the Lord that heals thee, help is coming for the sick because the great physician is on the way. You remember the testimony of one of my sons who had a cancer, so advance that they said there was nothing anybody could do for him and the hospital where they took him, they had a room for those who are absolutely hopeless. So they put him in a room expecting him to die in a couple of days, and I was visiting that town that day.. I went there to pray for my son, there were several others in the room , they said there was no hope for them. I prayed for my son alone , because we are talking of abroad ; abroad if you pray for somebody without that fellow asking you to pray for him, he could sue you for harassment. Call it spiritual harassment, so I prayed for my son alone and left. That was Saturday, the following Wednesday, they discharged everybody in that room. I mean Everybody! They were not expecting death but healing came.

Help is on the way for the barren. Why? Because according to John 15 vs 1-5 Jesus Christ is the fruitful vine and if you abide in him, you will become fruitful also. And when help wants to come for the barren,it comes unexpectedly. In Genesis 18 vs 1-14 Abraham and Sarah didn’t know that after they had waited more than twenty five years help would come. They were in front of their tent when help came. They have mocked Anna, they have tormented her, she was even misunderstood when she was praying and yet help came her way. Today help is going to come your way. But to the barren in particular, I have a word of advice because it has come to my notice that one or two of you are beginning to say maybe God is too late and you are trying to seek help from other sources other than Jesus Christ. Please I beg you, STOP it.

I tell you a story, a woman wanted a child desperately, thought that Jesus was too slow, so she tried another method, this time the baby came and it was a boy she said. “You see, sit down there those of you praying, praying , you don’t want to move around and see’. So she moved around and got a boy. And when the boy I think was about six years old, one day the boy went into her room, brought out his manhood and said to her mother, let us have sex. The mother said “what did you say?. The boy said, I say I want to have sex with you’

AH, what did you just say, where did you get that from? And they thereafter took the boy to a deliverance minister. The boy told the deliverance minister, ”don’t waste your time I am not possessed, I am demon incarnated” Help is on the way! Will you wait for the help of Almighty?

Help is coming for the failure, Why? Because the Strengthener is coming. Philippians 4 vs 13 says I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Have you failed again and again, the strengthener is coming, the one who can make you succeed is coming. In Luke 5 vs 1-7, the Bible talked about Peter that fished all night and failed. Peter did not fail because he wasn’t hard working, he did not fail because he was not skillful, he failed because he failed. But when help came, he succeeded.

Again, I prophesy to those of you who have failed, help is on the way. And in the name that is above any other name,you will not fail again. I shared a testimony, particularly with my children not too long ago. I told them when we talked about mathematics, it is either you know the subject or you don’t know it, there is no guess work. And there was this subject, I knew this particular subject very well, I was teaching my classmates when I was in the university, and then it was examination time, that particular subject, they asked us to answer five questions out of eight. I read question number one,blank. Question two, I couldn’t make head and tail out of it. Number three. I didn’t understand. Number four, I couldn’t get a clue , by now I began to sweat. Five,six, seven, eight, I couldn’t see anyone that I could answer. I said well,if I miss it this time round,I better go after all they will allow you to come back and have re-seat if it is only one subject.

I know God as always, loved me; I wasn’t born again then, but I could feel something saying to me, sit down. And I sat down,for fifteen minutes I just sat down, I couldn’t do anything. I couldn’t remember anything, then I read the first question again; ah, I know this one, this is so and so formula, then I read the second one, I know this, I read the third, the fourth, the fifth, the sixth, the seventh, the eight. In the time left, I answered all the eight questions and because I was a little bit of a rascal, I wrote at the top of the answer sheet to my lecturer, mark any five, I am saying to all the students here you will never fail again. Why ? Help is on the way.

Help is coming for the captive; Why? Because John 8 vs 36 says the great deliverer is coming. Whosoever the son shall set free, shall be free indeed. Mark 5 vs 1-15; the mad man of Gadara was not just bound he was securely bound.He wasn’t bound by one demon, he wasn’t bound by two or three but he was bound by a legion.

Bible scholars said a legion means at least six thousand. When six thousand demons are holding one man captive you will know that man is captive. But he did not know help is on the way when he woke up that morning, but when the great deliverer came, just one word from him and he was set free. In the name that is above every other name, every demon operating in your life will let you go today in Jesus name,n It does not matter how securely the enemies have banded you, you are getting loose today in Jesus name, Amen. 

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