World’s Music Day : University don advises musicians against waxing obnoxious records.

King Sunny Ade
King Sunny Ade

As Nigerian musicians and music lovers joined in the celebration of World’s Music Day on June 21, a lecturer in the department of music, University of Ibadan, Dr Temitope Owoaje has called on Nigerian musicians to desist from the composition of musical tracks that are obnoxious .

Dr Owoaje stressed that obnoxious tracks in music could be counter productive if wrongly composed.
He explained that music in the real perspective is supposed to be used to foster peace and unity within any society.

Other prominent roles music could play in society are in calming unsettled minds, used for communication of views as well as guidance of individuals , even to instill discipline in persons.

Whilst it is common practice in Nigeria for musicians to use music to settle scores each other, some music lovers spoken with advised musicians to focus more on songs that unite and preach love in order to make the country and the various ethnic groups one .

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