Why President Jonathan delays signing passed bills.

For the record

By Tunde Olowu
The special adviser to President Goodluck Jonathan on National Assembly matters,Mr Suleiman Ajadi has explained that the delay by the President to assent to some bills passed by the National Assembly was not deliberate.
According to Ajadi,the Presidents delay at assenting to already passed bills was as a result of due diligence.
He stressed that it would be out of place for the President to append his signature to bills without proper scrutiny of such bills whenever they had been passed by the lawmakers.
He added ‘Some of those bills passed by the national assembly were not from the Presidency and as such they needed to be scrutinised sometimes before being signed into law”
The special adviser noted that it was pertinent for the President to look at the benefit the country would derive from the passage of some of those bills whenever they are passed.

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