Wao ! Teenaged Girl with gun in her pant charged to court.


A teenaged girl ,Dallas J Archer arrested with a gun in her pant is now standing trial for gun possession and carrying of contraband into a penal facility in Tennesse,
Archer,was arrested for driving with a suspended license last Monday and during a routine search on her in prison “an unknown object” was found concealed in her groin area by a female corrections officer.
The corrections officer told the court that upon further examination, the “unknown object” was found out to be a loaded .22LR revolver.
The female officer further told the court that the gun in question turned out to be one reported stolen gun from one automobile sometime in 2013 and it was 22 calibre, five shot 10cm long mini revolver.
Local police in Tennesse have further claimed before the court that Archer aged 19years, had the previous day before her arrest reportedly assaulted her mother.
Archer has however been released on bail to the tune of $6000.

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