University don traces insecurity in Nigeria to lack of education and high level of corruption.


Prof Nuhu Yaqub, VC Sokoto state University
Prof Nuhu Yaqub, VC Sokoto State University
By Tunde OLowu.
A University don,Professor Nuhu Yaqub has highlighted personal interest, lack of education and high level of corruption as the major causes of insecurity in the country.

Prof Yaqub ,who is the Vice Chancellor, Sokoto State University made the assertion while speaking to the press in Lagos.

He noted that it was quite worrisome that Nigerian leaders pay more attention to personal issues than the public responsibilities for which they were appointed.

According to him, if poverty and youth restiveness are tackled by this present administration in the country and at all levels of government, security challenges would have not escalated to the current uncontrollable level.

He said as an educationist,he was aware of the emancipatory role education could play in the annals of any nation, hence the current ever increasing number of children of school age not going to school has become so worrisome and a big problem especially in most of the northern states of the country.

Prof Yaqub submitted that it has become very expedient that government of states in the north should urgently devise methods to tackle this problem.

He opined that Nigeria cannot be said to be practicing democracy by the known standards of nations practicing democracy all over the world.

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