Thousands of people take to streets against South Korean President Park.


The streets of Seoul was full with thousands of protesters on Saturday night as they demanded South Korean President Park Geun-hye steps down following allegations that she allowed her longtime friend to meddle in state affairs.

Amongst the protesters grouse against President Park is that Choi Soon-sil, whose father previously acted as Park’s mentor and a Buddhist monk, is involved in the appointment of ministers.

She is also alleged to have established two non-profit foundations using funds from corporate donations linked to her personal connections with Park.

Reports quote Park’s approval ratings have plummeted to fresh lows in recent days despite a public apology early on Tuesday.

She had publicly admitted that Choi edited her speeches during the initial period of her presidency, but that not withstanding her approval rating dropped from from 25 percent a week earlier to 17 on Friday.

Park reportedly ordered 10 of her senior secretaries to resign ahead of a reshuffle of her presidential office late Friday as she sought to quell the growing public outrage about the scandal.

Meanwhile,prosecutors have raided the homes and offices of presidential aides on Saturday as an investigation into the episode forged ahead.

Computers, documents and mobile devices were reportedly confiscated from the homes and offices of former and current presidential officials.

Senior presidential secretary for policy coordination Ahn Jong-beom, the president’s former speech writer Cho In-geun and Park’s private secretary Jeong Ho-seong were among those targeted in the raids .

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