For the record

BY Pastor Adesanya Kolajo
Pastor in charge,
Ondo Province 4
The Redeemed Christian Church of God.

Beloved brethren no matter how distant or near your location is, as you read this piece please note that hard work is good but not enough; science and technology is good ,but also not good enough ;intelligence, wisdom are equally good but at the same time not enough ,hence the place of prayers and corporate prayers in the world.
In essence, we wish to take a critical look of a popular ship, the Titanic, a big British passenger liner ,882feet, 9inches long with a beam of 92feet in breadth and a twin engine, facilities which made experts to view it then as the largest vessel afloat in the world.
Behold, the Titanic , built for Trans Atlantic passengers and mails took off in 1912 on its maiden voyage, commanded by a veteran, Captain Edward John Smith. It took off with 2,212 passengers and crew, of all ages of great wealth and of bitter poverty with different languages, but never returned back to Southampton for anchor till date.
Contrary to expectations and guarantee from its construction engineers that the fortifications in terms of fittings in the ship would make it never sink, the ship failed science and technology following its sinking having hit an iceberg during that singular journey and bingo, 1,500 passengers were left dead and 712 survived.
According to the Holy Bible in the Book of Acts of the Apostles, chapter 27, Julius,the centurion despite Paul’s admonition to him and some others in a boat not to embark on a voyage on sea ,chose to heed the advise of a sailor perceived by him as an expert, but alas, they had a ship wreck though we learn’t that when it occurred, he( Paul )resorted to prayer and that prayer made it possible that no death was recorded in the mishap.
Also for quick reference in the Book of 2Kings , chapter 6,Prophet Elisha, a man who knew and believed that all we are and have comes to us from God made an axehead to float and up till this day, science is yet to give a clue to that feat.
In our present generation, for example, a good incident to turn to for prove that God cannot fail but science and technology fails, is the case of the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 ,which took off from Kuala Lumpur Airport on March 8, for Beijing, China and disappeared , but is yet to be located with its passengers and crew members on board the aircraft . It is common knowledge that the aircraft is yet to be located despite all the sophisticated equipments deployed by super power nations assisting in the search operation . In yet another case for reference in the Bible, is the experience of Peter, the expert fisherman, who worked very hard, and all night for that matter, but did not catch a single fish on this particular day until God, the Controller of the wind intervened and spoke just a word to the situation that Peter found himself.
The case of Hannah, wife of Elkanah in 1 Samuel 1, is also another good pointer to the fact that nothing is ever too hard for the Lord and prayer always gives birth to answers., Hannah visited Shiloh to pray fervently and finally God answered and gave her the desire of her heart ,a child. As you are reading this piece God knows your desire and He will cause a turnaround in your situation and life today in Jesus Name.
Dear brethren, per adventure your own situation is that you are looking for the fruit of the womb ,take note and believe in your spirit mind that in that name which above every name, by this time next year God would make you to embrace your own child .
In the case of Nigeria ,for example, the over 220 Chibok school girls who were abducted by the Boko Haram terrorists group which necessitated the ‘”BringBackOurGirls” slogan and protests across the world are despite the unrelenting efforts of the Nigerian military and the intervention of the international community yet to be released several months after their seizure.
The Nigerian government and its people have in the present security challenges become so helpless and confused and it is imperative that we all join our faith together on our knees to seek the face of the God of Possibility ,to come and help us to secure the release of these girls in captivity due to no fault of theirs . Please join me as you read this write up to pray that the Lord will intervene in the case of Nigeria before the end of this month.
Please be informed as you read this piece , that though it is true that nothing is too hard for God to do, but God will not do for you if you don’t know and believe in Him as God. So dear readers, why don’t you tell this God wherever your location is, that you want to know Him and meet with Him. If you have already done this ,why not join me in faith to say these words “I will make it in life ; I will live long ; I will enjoy long life ; I am healed ;this season your grace O Lord ,shall perform your grace in my life ; that miracle that I deserve desperately within seven days, I shall testify.”

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