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Yoruba Students have condemned in strong terms the defiant stand of the All Progressives Congress (APC) South West lawmakers who have vowed to resist their fellow kinsman, Senator Musiliu Obanikoro a Ministerial nominee from scaling through the National Assembly screening.

The Yoruba Students under the aegis of the National Association of Oodua Students [NAOS] dissociated themselves from the attitude put forward by some Yoruba APC lawmakers at the National Assembly which they described as an embarrassment to  the Yoruba race.

NAOS members also questioned why the SouthWest lawmakers would neglect their primary assignments and abandon the mandate freely given to them by the electorates so that the masses can enjoy qualitative representations at their different constituencies,only to get engaged in mundane issues.

They said that some lawmakers of Yoruba descent who are mostly APC left their constitutional business to champion good governance instead they got enshrined in anti-democratic activities by being in the vanguard of the campaign of calumny and character assassination of the person of Obanikoro at the national assembly.

Comrade Ajayi Olumide and Comrade Atibani Adeyeye, the President and Secretary respectively in a media chat with some section of Nigerian Journalists in Lagos during the week condemned the lawmakers for making such dastardly political moves.

Both Olumide and Adeyeye alleged that the APC lawmakers taking such a very hard stance were suffering from ‘Korophobia’ and that is the main reason why they were making frantic efforts to bar Obanikoro from been screened at the national assembly.

“These lawmakers are intimidated by the rising political profile of Obanikoro and his impactful moments in the different political offices he has occupied in the past which necessitated President Goodluck Jonathan’s reappointing him as a minister again”,they argued

“Obanikoro is the change the people of Lagos wanted since they had thrown caution into the wind as they have openly expressed their fear over the possible positive impact the re-appointment of Obanikoro will bring to the people of the region”. they added.

The Student Leaders reminded the Lawmakers that they have already failed in their political animosity and adventure against Obanikoro as they have clearly demonstrated their phobia for the great impact of Obanikoro, a man who has track records of achievement in all his political offices  he will bring to the masses..

“These APC Lawmakers who boasted they will make sure that Obanikoro is barred from been screened at the national assembly have shown that they had made themselves so cheap as a willing tools in the hand of some political oppressors to achieve selfish political goals”

The NAOS Leaders used the occasion to pass a vote of confidence on Obanikoro as the best man for the job, a man they described as a great asset to the Yoruba race, saying he has his footprints in all political corridors in Nigeria.
“The students expressed worries as to why the APC Lawamakers will dissipate so much efforts on the clearance of Obanikoro while there are other pressing and germane issues concerning the nation which should attract their urgent attention”.
“Obanikoro has alway remained a great ambassador of the Yoruba race, a democrat per excellence and an astute politician who has outstanding performance as a political and public officeholder”
While thanking President Jonathan for reappointing the benefactor of the Oodua Students, Obanikoro ,the students promised that they will mobilize for en-block vote for PDP in the South West region during the next election.
“We will unmask all those who are masquerading behind the APC lawmakers if they fail to rein in on them from their further orchestrated  dastardly act”,they warned.
NAOS Leaders warned Yoruba leaders to rein in on the Yoruba APC Lawmakers from making further attempt to stop Obanikoro from being screened as further attempts by the lawmakers will leave them as Yoruba Students  mobilizing against their parties in the next elections.
“We are watching all these Yoruba Lawmakers who have neglected their constitutional duties to join some recalcitrant people by being involved in this dastardly act and Yoruba students will pay them back in their own coins in the next election”,NAOS Leaders concluded.

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