Prisoner escape from Benin Central Prison .


A serving prisoner at the Benin Central Prison is now being sought by officials of the  Nigeria Prison Service following his escape from the custody of the officials in the early hours on Monday.

The prisoner had been  taken out for menial fatigue work at the prisons headquarters by warders but suddenly took to his heels and ran away through Reservation Road, in GRA when he noticed the supervisors had become inattentive.

Eyewitness account hinted that the runaway prison inmate was seen pulling off his prison uniform in front of the NUJ Press Centre as he continued running away in his shorts, through the famous Benin moat at the back of the prison headquarters.

Unofficial sources at the prison headquarters however disclosed that the prison official that was supposed to be guarding the inmate while he was working claimed to have gone to eat when the incident occurred.

Several officials of the Edo Prison Service were said to have since being combing bushes in adjoining streets and the Benin moat in  search for the runaway prisoner.

It was observed at the Prison headquarters that a search party was being organised to help arrest the fleeing inmate.

Meanwhile ,a top official at the Benin Prison who sought not to be quoted hinted that an official report was yet to be made on the incident while as at the time of this report the escapee prisoner is yet to be located.

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