President Jonathan admits failing Nigerians, seeks youth vote for 2nd term.

By Tunde Olowu.
President Goodluck Jonathan, has publicly told Nigerian citizens that he and his generation agrees that they have failed them, and expressed optimism that it is the youths that will take the country to the promise land.

Speaking while officially flagging off his bid for another term in office as Nigeria’s President, at the Tafawa Balewa Square, Lagos, last Thursday, Dr Jonathan was emphatic that 2015 general elections is about the youths and urged them to either vote for a youth to be relevant or vote the other way round and be irrelevant.

“Because my generation has failed Nigerians and it is the youths that will take this country to the moon, I am here to talk to the youths who are voting for the first time and those between the ages of 20-23 years. Take note before you cast your vote that it is only this government that has done so much for the youths in this country.

“We wish to clarify that we have scholarship for the youths but they must first make first class in their various schools before they will benefit. We will send them to the best universities across the world to further their education and they said we have no plans for the youths.

Apparently reacting to criticisms of ineptitude against his administration by Nigerians and members of the opposition political parties ,Jonathan whose voice was emotionally laden with anger asked“Can a government that has no plan for its youths be doing this? We have built schools across the country including Almajiri schools in the North. Ask those who are deceiving you what they built when they were in government,” he retorted..

Addressing the crowd further on the issue of corruption in the country for which he has been always been blamed for non performance, Jonathan stressed that to the best of his knowledge corruption cannot be stopped by arresting and harassing the people, saying that, his government is working on building institutions in order to stop corruption and it is succeeding.

“They said they will fight insecurity, ask them what they did with defense money when they were in government. Ask them did they buy a single rifle for the security agencies? They instigated crises and they are now telling us they will fight insecurity,” he said.

The PDP rally amongst other things featured the party chairman,Alhaji Adamu Muazu and its governors from Niger, Akwa Ibom, Ondo, Ekiti states giving speeches and assuring the crowd at the event of their optimism that the party will coast to victory with their Presidential candidate,Dr Goodluck Jonathan reelected during the elections taking place in Nigeria on February 14, 2015.

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