Ministerial Appointments : Buhari breaks silence ,says Nigerians may wait a longer time.


        President Buhari taking oath      of office recently.

Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari has broken his silence over his inability to appoint ministers 17days after taking over the mantle of leadership of the country, even in the face of barrage of accusations of his being ill prepared for governance by  a cross section of Nigerians.

An unruffled President Buhari bared his mind on his list of prospective ministers for the first time on the sideline of the AU Summit in South Africa ,as he told the media he was not in a hurry to appoint ministers because certain things still needed to be tidied up

President Muhammadu Buhari bluntly told the media” I am very surprised  at the raging controversy over my delay in appointing ministers into my cabinet. All I am trying to do for now is that I need to make informed decisions on this matter and am sure that Nigeria will eventually have ministers.”

Buhari pointed out that audits were currently being carried out in various government departments especially  at the Petroleum and Finance ministries for  “us to try and establish what situation those ministries were left in by the previous administration.”

“Because I don’t want to appoint somebody as minister today and ask him to go home the next day, I want to at least see and read through the report from the audits,” he stressed.

Meanwhile, several Nigerians in particular leaders of the opposition party, the Peoples Democratic Party,PDP are strongly of the conviction that the All Progressives Congress,APC and President Buhari are yet to come up with a list of possible candidates for appointment as ministers because of over bearing requests by certain APC leaders for the choice of their own candidates.

They argue that the prolonged delay by Buhari is further informed by the Presidents resolve not to bulge to his party chieftains over bearing request’s on the issue, a situation believed to have given room to what transpired recently at the national assembly and saw Senator Bukola Saraki and Hon Yusuf Dogara clinching the two top seats at the assembly contrary to the wishes and plans of the APC.

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