Military, police tighten security in and around Badagry over militants scare.


The Lagos State Government has beefed up security in and around Badagry area of Lagos State based on reports it received that militants had fled to the area.

The authorities had gathered confidential reports that militants from Arepo area of Ogun had fled to Badagry due to the heat of the aerial bombardment of their camps by Air Force personnel a few days ago.

As a result of the security beef off, heavy presence of operatives of the different security agencies have become noticeable following their deployment deployed in strategic areas in around the tourist town of Badagry.

Prominently noticed for example was an Operation Mesa (OP MESA) van with eight soldiers which had been permanently stationed at the Badagry roundabout carrying out surveillance.

When a correspondent of Newsanew online spoke to one of the soldiers who spoke on condition of anonymity he simply said : “We are here on intelligence report that the militants that were chased out from Arepo had relocated here, hence we are here to make sure that everything is in order.’’

An official of the Navy contacted for comments disclosed that the operation was to safeguard the waterways.

“Nobody is going to come through the waterways and we are here to ensure that nothing like that happens,’’ the official told our reporter.

Policemen from the Area K Command, comprising Morogbo and Badagry Division, were also on ground patrolling the area.

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