“IGP wants to plant AK 47 guns in my Abuja home in order to arrest me,”Gov Wike alleges.


The Governor of Rivers State, Nyesom Wike on Sunday levelled another allegation at Police Inspector General Ibrahim Idris.

The governor claimed the IGP plans to raid his Abuja home and use the opportunity to plant incriminating objects there for the purpose of humbling him.

He provided no proof but it came less than a month after the governor alleged that the police wanted to kill him.

Wike told reporters at Government House, Port Harcourt, that he was not afraid of the “evil plan” against him and that he merely wanted to let the public know what is happening.

The Rivers State governor maintained his earlier allegation that the Inspector General was after his life.

He alleged that the IGP got the order on Friday to raid his Abuja house, adding that he was to carry out the order tomorrow but has now shifted it to Tuesday because of the Workers’ Day public holiday.

He claimed that the police expect to find money, expensive wristwatches and millions of naira during the planned raid but vowed that they will end up finding nothing of the sort.

The governor said he will be in Abuja during the week to physically see how the police will break into his house in the name of raid.

Governor Wike alleged that the IGP would get the court order on Tuesday in Abuja.

“First of all, I don’t stay in the lodge; I have never stayed in the lodge since I became governor. I live in my private house in Abuja, in Asokoro. Now, what they have done in that order they want to get from the court is that in the order they wanted to get from the court, they did not indicate who owns the house or who is living in the house.

“Obviously, the court will be wary of searching a governor’s house because of immunity. But to beat that they did not indicate that it is the Governor of Rivers State House. I am not afraid. If you want to search my house, I live in Port Harcourt, I have my house in the village and I have my house in Old GRA. So, you can come and search.

“I don’t live in Abuja and I cannot keep anything in Abuja. They can go and plant either AK-47 or $1 million and say they found it in the governor’s house. They can even put wrist watches that are so expensive that cost up to $10 million and say ‘oh! we discovered it from the governor’s private residence.’

“You cannot gag everybody; people must have their opinions on issues. That I have my opinion on a certain issue does not mean that you have to go after the person’s life.

“They went to Senator Goje’s house the other night when the man was not around. We are aware that they said they got from office or house of Suswam, AK-47 and this and that; the man was not there.

“Now again, all these things are plots to say we got guns. If I have gun, why would I keep it in Abuja? It is here (Rivers State) that I am waiting for them for fight; I don’t need to go and keep gun in Abuja. I will not fight there (Abuja), it is here (Rivers). We are fighting because I have said that they will not rig election. So, if I want to keep gun, I will not keep it in Abuja, I will only keep it in Port Harcourt, assuming…

“So, Nigerians should be aware that if they go to my house and tell you that they found anything, please, it is not correct. But I will be there in Abuja; I will wait for them. I will go to Abuja and wait for them. I will wait for his (IGP) crack team that will come to break the house and enter so that they can bring the Ak-47, the machine guns and $1 million or $2 million as the case may be.

“If the IGP wants to play politics, he should remove his uniform and join us in the political arena and go and see how it is and not wearing a uniform to say you are providing security and then you become a stooge and agent of politicians. Because I said the money they found in Ikoyi belongs to Rivers State, what is wrong in that? I did not say it is my money, I said it is Rivers State Government’s money.”

Source : The Nation.

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