France hit by fuel shortage

France has reportedly started experiencing long queues at petrol stations across the country as fuel shortages start to kick in.

A sharp fall in refinery output over the last week due to protests over government labour law reforms prompted panic on Saturday as drivers rushed to fill up their tanks as a precaution.

One woman outside a petrol station in Saint Nazaire said:
“I arrived at 8:10am and I’ve been waiting for half an hour.’‘

Some prospective buyers of fuel who queued up at fuel stations told ournalists they could buy only 20 litres, because they don’t have the right to get anymore.

On Friday, oil workers at three of Total’s major refineries voted to halt output, while another one was blocked by protesters.

Nearly one petrol station in five is run by the French energy giant while several of Total’s oil depots were also reportedly disrupted.

In 2010, prolonged strikes at French refineries saw thousands of petrol stations run out of fuel.

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