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 By Goke Charles . 
. The 2015 General Elections has held in Nigeria and the All Progressives Congress,APC’s candidates recorded victory across board but it is an irony of life whist some are still basking on the euphoria of that victory, the situation of yet many others
could be likened to the theory of monkey they work bamboo they chop.
Prominent in this category is AJAKAYE, the wonderful songster who is behind the African most globally rated political theme song of the year, the APC Sai-BUHARI creative Theme Song who was discovered to still be eating from hand to mouth.
Ajakaye was recently sighted on the street
recently on the street sweating profusely in town while the DeeJays and other performers that mimic his song were heavily rewarded and paid whooping sums while some also smile to their banks.

Penultimate weekend GOKE OLUWOLE, the egghead, and Editor In Chief of the pinned him down and AJAKAYE spill the beans that the APC Leaders are yet to settle him for the Sai-Baba Song. He explained why he was in that poor state despite the positive impact of his creative work of art which he did for APC and its Presidential Candidate in the last election because they have refused to reward him…
 Ajakaye the SAI BABA Crooner during the almost 90 minutes encounter between him and team with lamented thay after dropping the wave-making ‘Sai-Buhari’ Theme Song that the All Progressives Congress [APC] blasted across the length and breadth of Nigeria during all the rallies and motorcade for General Mohammadu Buhari’s Presidential Campaign,it is sad to say that as the songwriter, performer and artiste behind the creative work “I am now begging the Leadership of the All Progressives Congress APC] to adequately compensate me” while the APC Leaders and members are busy basking in the euphoria of the success recorded by their candidates at the Presidential election as well as other elections having won majority across board the songster that did theme songs even with AJAKAYE continuing to wallow in abject poverty.
The poor artiste,was sighted
by Team on ‘Okada-motor bike’ inside the scorching sun cascading the length and breadth of Ile-Ife,Osun State penultimate weekend  as he could not afford the comfort of a car. This graduate of Agric. Extension Services, from the College of Agriculture, Lafia who is getting set to be mobilized for the compulsory one year NYSC Service gave  graphic but startling revelations to ThePODIUMEDITOR.Com crew about how after his outstanding performance some reactionary forces within APC tried to shortchange him. 
 The media shy ebony dude, Ajakaye emphatically stated that he has not received a kobo from the APC Leaders and candidates as he said he was not even paid a kobo for the Osogbo APC Presidential Rally where Bukky Wright and other Nollywood Stars swamped his stage. He said he is ready to tell anyone who care to listen to his plight to help him appeal to the almighty APC Leaders to give him adequate reward for the packaging of his creative work, ‘Sai-Buhari’ Theme Song. TheOke-Igbo, Ondo State born unassuming but highly ideological and politically inclined upcoming Hip-Hop act, Ajakayewhose song was rated by online jury as the most popular political theme song in 2014 said he is yet to be adequately ‘settled’ by the party. 
 “Everybody that listen to my music or see the way my song was being blasted nationwide during the APC campaign will believe APC have settled me while the party pay heavily to T.V and radio stations, Dee Jays, Voice Over Artistes who cut the jingles, as well as other artistes and performers who mimics my song”
 In an emotion laden voice, Ajakaye told ThePODIUMEditor.Com Team pointblank that what Buhari, Tinubu, Ambode, Fashola, Aregbesola and Osibajo can do to wipe his tears away is to just proof to him for once  that they are real democrats and please settle him. 
 When asked what he meant by this, Ajakaye replied that he expected and believed that they should reward him for the APC Sai-Baba Theme Song and they should also help him facilitate a meeting to meet with the incoming President, Gen.Buhari as he will like to mount the stage with his band and play at venue of the inauguration at Abuja. 
 ‘If it is true the APC party is not paying lip service to fighting corruption, they must compensate me adequately because copyright infringement is the worst form of corruption in our nation, so they must reward me immediately’ He lamented about certain Luciferic attitudes of some APC Leaders who have blocked all avenues for him to meet with some strategic leaders who he called the major actors of the APC Heroes, the likes of General Muhammadu Buhari and Prof.Yemi Osibajo ,the APC President and Vice Presidential candidates respectively. 
 He also confided in ThePODIUMEditor.Com Team about his futile efforts to meet with both the outgoing and the incoming governors of Lagos State ,the duo of Messer’s Babatunde Raji Fashola and Akin Ambode as well as National Leader of APC, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and his wife Sen.Oluremi Tinubu. 
 In order not to be left in the cold,Ajakaye further explained how he made spirited effort by linking up with Alhaji Lai Mohammed ,the APC Spokesperson but the father and son discussion they had could not also fetch him the desired recognition for reward. Not resting on his oars, he said he was linked with some of the top aides of Nasarawa State First Lady, Hajia Almakura whom he met at the Nasarawa State Government House, at Lafia where he personally dropped some copies of the Sai-Baba C.D but that too never resulted into anything rewarding. Though the APC Chairman in Ondo State, Barrister D.I Kekemeke and the former Special Adviser to Osun State Governor on Environment and Sanitation, Hon.Bola Ilori and Hon. Aiyedun the immediate past former Osun State Commissioner for Tourism gave assurances  to me that the party will do something I believe that is still not enough for me to relax as I know Nigeria factor can still set in. 
 Ajakaye who concluded that the humiliation he has received from the PDP supporters alone is enough for the APC Leaders to just reward him as a precedent so that the incoming generation of indigent creative youths can follow his footsteps.
 FOR THE RECORD: AJAKAYE’S MUSICAL TRANSVERSE IN N9JA ENTERTAINMENT CIRCLES: It is on record that; The Sai Baba Theme Song was released on HOUSE 2 ENTERTAINMENT LABEL, owned by Dr.Akin Zerubabel Olowookere aka DiBlo Dombolo almost two months before Gen.Buhari emerged as the APC Party flagbearer. The song Sai Baba was produced by a veteran and versatile Lagos Multi-talented musical icon, Paul Runz, the man who was behind the hit albums and the magic finger behind successful hit tracks of great artistes like Faze ,the Kolomental Fame track known as Angel Gabriella, Zule-Zoo among others.
  Ajakaiye who has become the most sought after African HipHop singer whose song Sai-Baba recorded the highest online cult-like followership in 20104/15 from the day he dropped the highly political hit single met his producer Paul Runz in 2005 many years after walking the streets of Lagos. Paul Runz free of charge produced Ajakaye’s debut album,:‘Government Iyayi to’[-Government This Suffering is Enough] after his conviction about my potential in 2006 which the young star due to the unstable and unpredictable political situation under the President Obasanjo regime decided to back out from the initial arrangement by a Company to promote the song. It was at the same time that Idris Abdukarim elope from Nigeria to Ghana after dropping that controversial album; ’Nigeria Jaga Jaga’. It took Ajakaye another three years to release another album titled ‘Ejaa jo’-Let’s Dance’ in 2009. Though,as fate will have it he couldn’t really seriously faced the promotion squarely due to his educational career demand before he now released that single album that went viral; the Sai Buhari Theme Song in 2015. THE IMPACT SAI BABA THEME SONG HAS ON AJAKAIYE’S CAREER: Apart from the popularity and the reinforcement of his brand, Ajakaye’s life was under threat from the Peoples Democratic Party [PDP] followers who made many attempts to physically attack and even harassed him. Some powerful power blocks who are sympathetic to PDP also threatened that Ajakaye will never receive any brand endorsement not even to get engaged for promotional tour like other artistes of his status?
. Ajakaye immediately transformed to phenomenon in the African socio-political circle as he dropped the SAI-BABA Single online on Saturday, 22nd November,2015. In Showbiz attainment and in the socio-political history of Nigeria, no political theme song has received such cult-like followership like the SaiBuhari Song has received. Even the MKO Abiola Hope’93 Theme song cannot match  the record as the APC 2015 Presidential Theme song when officially released in early November became a hit and went viral online immediately it was released that Saturday,22nd November,2015 by Naija Loud [NLS].
 This was preceded by another online review done  on the www.abdusidiqu. com where the song was given serious review and attention as the writer predicted the viral effect the song will have in due course. The page has 36 tweets,50 Fb Likes while it reached their 8,495 Fb fans and 2771 twitters followers simultaneously which the very selective and highly controversial Sahara could not overlook the creatively packaged  ideological work and posted it and the huge crowd of bloggers that visited the site for the song attracted nearly shot down their site as it received over 2003 likes and over 708 comments some hours after it was posted on the 23rd  November,2015,and it was monitored till it recorded over 2,496 hits of Likes.The very articulate former Minister for Federal Capital Territory, FCT and the fearless social commentator now elected governor elect of Kaduna State, Mallam Nazir El-Rufai on 29th November,2015 also pulled another stunt as he pasted the song on his Twitter handle and it attracted a crowd of over 69 tweets and 19 Favourites same day. 
 The Sai Baba Theme Song pasted on Nairaland on November,23rd, 2014 received over 2,318 viewers which was the closest to the trigger followership of over 39,000 viewership that the theme song received on the most authentic global platform. The almighty YouTube when it was first posted on 23rd November,2015.Another feat the theme song recorded was that an online rating jury reported the Sai Baba Song recorded and performed by a very dynamic Nigerian Hip-Hop act, Ajakaye as getting over 332 likes,64 Shares and 37 Comments immediately it was posted on the Top-On-Social Site.
 The Sai Baba Theme song was reviewed by bloggers that Ajakaye music mostly presented Buhari and APC as the beacon of hope and the party as the platform for liberty and genuine development. The APC political struggle made the song to receive more cut-like adherent of Buhari as it was also on record that on the 27th January,2015 the social media savvy and activist daughter of the APC Presidential candidate, Zhara Buhari before her twitter handle was hacked pasted the song on her page and it also received massive followership.

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