Cyber Security is panacea to nip Boko Haram in bud…Dr ALese.


A University lecturer,Dr Boniface Kayode Alese has identified cyber security as a very vital tool for maintaining the national security of any nation.
Dr Alese made the assertion while speaking at the First Bank 2013/2014 Professorial chair in Computer Science annual lectures held at the Federal University of Technology ,FUTA in Akure on Tuesday.
He stressed that cyber security could also be used effectively to protect unauthorized access to government critical infrastructures.
Dr Alese who is of the Department of Computer Science ,FUTA, said that security management is both an administrative and technical process that involves security policies and control and the monitoring and evaluation of these process to achieve the desired results.
Speaking on the present security challenges being faced in Nigeria, he observed that most of the conversations of the terrorists could be intercepted through deployment of cyber security.
Stating that the government does not need an armoury of weaponry to prosecute a war against terrorists and defeat them, Dr Alese submitted that all that was needed was making good use of the dynamism of information technology and intelligence gathering.
He added that cyber security by virtue of its dynamic process could assist any nation to know the sources of the finances of terrorists and once this aspect is known and blocked that war is won .
Likening the situation we presently have in the country to that of a thief and a policeman with the former circumventing various security measures put up by the latter through intelligence gathering before operating, the computer expert suggested that if information technology is taken care of, 30 per cent of the worlds problem would be solved.
Speaking at the event held at the university main auditorium in Akure,Ondo state capital, the Vice Chancellor of FUTA, Prof Adebiyi Daramola commended First Bank for supporting the lecture, noting that security issues is very important to the development of any nation.
The Vice Chancellor called on Nigerians to always make good use of the dynamism of technology in a positive way.

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