By Pastor Adesanya Kolajo.
Pastor in charge,
Ondo Province 4,
The Reedemed Christian Church of God.
Ordinarily, by dictionary definition one would define the title of this message as any article of of clothing, dresses, suits and other garments. Garment could also be described as outer covering or outward appearance. By synonyms, garment could be also referred to as attire, costume, uniform, drape, apparel and frock. For example, a famous quote says “A woman shall not wear a man’s apparel, nor shall a man put on a woman’s garment, for whoever does such things is abhorrent to the Lord your God”.
In the parlance of our discussion however, the need for a change arose when biblically man fell in the garden of Eden.
Before man fell it was the glory of God that covered man but unfortunately by the leading of Satan, the greatest enemy, man by his “too know’ attitude ran into serious problem. Man’s eyes suddenly became open with the leading of the enemy and the glory of God departed from him to the extent that it immediately dawned on him that he was naked.
Not withstanding this , ,however, God yet decided to use the skin of animal to cover man’s nakedness. By the way nakedness in Christianity is a very terrible thing. The dictionary for example, defines nakedness amongst several things as “a condition (or state) of disrepair”, being vulnerable according to Shakespeare ‘naked to man’s enemies’” .or element having no clothing on the body.
TYPES OF GARMENT : There are different kinds of garment for different occasions in life. While there are some that are worn and they depict the type of work of man, there are those which are forced on man by enemies. They include garment of shame, reproach, sickness, loneliness, joblessness, barrenness, starvation, stagnation and failure.
In the book of Jeremiah 52 :31 -34 for example, the king of Judah lost hope because he was wearing the garment of confinement in prison, but after 37years, an end came to the situation with the coming of Jesus, having been sent by God the deliverer.
Paradoxically, God used his supposed enemy to bring deliverance to the King of Judah. Albeit, the king wore prison garment for 37years but was set free on the 25th December of that year and it became his Christmas day. This is why every prison garment being won by every true child of God is expected to catch fire today ,to be replaced by royal and presidential garment from now.
Unfortunately, many today are wearing garment of sin which is making favor not to come their way. This is so because sin gives bad and fowl odour to God even when he is the only one that can cleanse. Remember favor brings change of level suddenly makes one to laugh last as it did to Sarah when she gave birth to Isaac after a very long waiting without a child.
In conclusion, it is expected that every one reading this piece would in Jesus name, the name above every other name in heaven and the earth, start to adorn new garment perfumed with aroma of grace, mercy, kindness, pleasant surprises, promotion, healing, fruitfulness and lifting in all area of their lives. Amen.

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