Breaking news: Gunman in US church shooting arrested.



        Dylann Roof,the suspect.

The Police in US have arrested the suspect in the killing of nine people at a historic African-American church in South Carolina .

Attorney General Loretta Lynch while announcing the arrest said the Justice department would look at all the facts and motivations to determine the best way to proceed with any prosecution over the shooting.

Officials earlier named 21-year-old Dylann Roof as the man they were looking for in connection with the shooting in Charleston.

Police said the gunman sat in a bible study meeting for up to an hour before opening fire, killing six women and three men including the church pastor.

US media reported that Mr Roof was arrested in Selby, North Carolina, some 13 hours after the shooting.

It followed the release of surveillance images of what police described as a young white man arriving at the church an hour before shooting occurred on Wednesday evening.

The killings have sent shockwaves through a community that has already experienced racial tension.

The United States President, Barack Obama has made a televised statement condemning the shameful incident more so because of the church, a sacred place where it took place.

A sober looking Obama on live television who noted that such shooting and crime seldom happen in many other climes of the world promised that very thorough investigation would be conducted in the killing and commiserated with both the church and family members of those that died.

Dylann Roof had reportedly got into trouble with the police for trespassing sometime in April.

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