Aftermath of death sentence on Morsi : 2 Egyptian Judges,Prosecutor mauled down.


Barely few hours after a court in Egypt sentenced former Egypt President, Mohammed Morsi to death,unknown gun have reportedly killed two  judges and a prosecutor in the Sinai Peninsula on Saturday.

The shooting ,according to the Ministry of Health in North Sinai’s provincial capital El-Arish also left the officials’ driver and another prosecutor wounded.

A Court in Cairo had earlier sentenced ousted President Mohamed Morsi to death for his role in a mass jailbreak during the 2011 uprising,and the police have disclosed that the killed officials came under attack and met their untimely death while they were being driven to a court hearing in El-Arish.

Some of Morsi’s fellow defendants included jihadists in Sinai, where militants often attack members of the security forces.

“Two judges, a prosecutor and the driver of the car were killed, while another prosecutor was wounded,” according to AFP.

Meanwhile, the Interior Ministry is said to have put police on high alert across the country and suspended all leave to police officials.

It is also very likely that the justice ministry might decide to move, some court hearings in El-Arish to Ismailiya with immediate effect to protect the judges.

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